Commercial Property Executive Magazine, November, 2013
“Single Family Rentals: Shakeout and Shift Among Investors”
The emerging new real estate sector of single-family rentals is making a major shift toward dominance by a few, very large institutions, but local/regional investors in housing are finding them a ready buyer… for appropriate product.

Commercial Property Executive Blog, Oct 31, 2013
“What’s Going on with Crowdfunding?”
The new SEC rules to make equity investing available to the ‘crowd’ are still about as difficult as rules for accredited investors, so real estate should still maintain its edge.

USA Today, July 9, 2013
“Home-buying Investors Target More Cities”
Institutional investors, including Landsmith, are broadening their target markets.

Globestreet News, May 28, 2013
“Landsmith Pays $48M for Homes”
Signaling a new phase in single-family homes to rent, Landsmith buys 450 recently built homes on behalf of major clients.

Real Estate Finance Intelligence, May 20, 2013
“Is Silver Bay’s Loss An Industry Red Flag?”
Landsmith CEO James Breitenstein is among those who assess the loss reported by Silver Bay Realty Trust.

Bloomberg News, May 14, 2013
“Private Equity Taps Builders as Foreclosures Vanish”
Landsmith’s CEO James Breitenstein is among those who explain that investors seeking single-family homes to rent are buying land and newly-built properties.

Bloomberg News, March 18, 2013
“Blackstone Crowds Housing Market as Rental Gains Slowing”
Homes-for-Rent market maturing; Landsmith now buying in Las Vegas, Atlanta.

Real Estate Finance, March 4, 2013
“Investor-Buying of Foreclosed Homes is Lifting Boats…and the Economy”
Landsmith’s CEO James Breitenstein provides observations on the broad effect that the single family investment market is having on housing and the economy.

Chicago Tribune, August 9, 2012
“Know Pitfalls of Mortgage-to-Lease Option”
Consumers should look carefully for good rent-to-own programs that fit their needs, such as Landsmith’s House-to-Home program.

Real Estate Finance Intelligence, August 3, 2012
“Landsmith, Precise Target Single Family Rentals”
A new venture, Landsmith-Precise, announced plans to invest in homes in U.S. markets coast-to-coast.

San Francisco Business Times, July 26, 2012
“San Francisco Firm to Pump $100 Million into Single-Family Rentals”
Landsmith, entering a venture with Precise Associates of Detroit, plans to invest up to $100 million as the joint venture expands from its existing portfolio of 1,000 homes in 6 states.

CNBC ‘Street Smarts’, July 23, 2012
“Should Investors Look at Housing?”
CNBC talks to Landsmith CEO James Breitenstein about top U.S. markets Landsmith is favoring for its expanded national platform in single-family homes for rent.

The Wall Street Journal, June 13, 2012
“Investors See Gold Rush in Foreclosure-to-Rental”
In selling one-third of its Phoenix home portfolio, Landsmith achieves outsized ROI, eyes five other U.S. cities.

The Registry, May 11, 2012
“Investors Aggregate Single-Family Home Portfolios For Rentals”
Landsmith’s early entry in the Phoenix market in buying distressed single-family homes for rental has brought strong returns and is fueling the firm’s entry into other US markets.

Bloomberg News, March 12, 2012
“Private Equity Buying U.S. Foreclosures”
Bloomberg’s April magazine notes Landsmith and others taking advantage of the foreclosure-to-rental opportunities in multiple US markets.

USA Today, February 24, 2012
“Signs of Upturn in Phoenix’s Long-Suffering Housing Market”
An article discussing the apparent rebound in Phoenix single family housing prices quotes James Breitenstein, Landsmith CEO, regarding the evolving dynamics of the market.

Wall Street Journal, January 12, 2012
“Six Questions on Foreclosure-to-Rental Programs”
Outlines how-to’s of investor interest in single-family foreclosure/rentals, and the estimated 1.8 million homes expected to be taken back by banks this year vs 1.1 million in 2011 and 600,000 in 2010.

Bloomberg News, September 12, 2011
“Investor Support for Housing”
A report on single-family housing as a rental investment opportunity cites Landsmith’s $50 million fund acquiring property in the Phoenix market.

Landsmith News, June 2011
Landsmith acquired 4 discounted single-family homes in greater Phoenix for $244,000.

BREW ShadowPalms News, May 27, 2011
“Multi-Family Transaction”
Landsmith acquired the 56-unit Shadow Palms Apartments, 6320 N 63rd Ave. in Glendale, AZ, for $1.23 million.

Landsmith News, February 2011
Landsmith acquired the 62-unit Cypress Woods Apartments at 2135 W. Campbell Ave. in Phoenix for $1.2 million.

Landsmith News, October 2011
Landsmith Income and Appreciation Fund, LP was formed to purchase distressed residential real estate assets at historically low prices for income and appreciation. Properties are leased to low and moderate income families who are offered a rent-to-own program.

Landsmith News, September 23, 2010
Landsmith acquired 50 finished lots, 3 homes, 2 acres of group housing, and 2 commercial acres in Gardnerville, NV for approximately $1.3 million.

Landsmith News, September 2, 2010
Landsmith acquired 204 finished lots in Coolidge, AZ for approximately $1.7 million.

Landsmith News, July 23, 2010
Landsmith acquired an apartment complex comprised of 29 single-level units on 2.2 acres in Phoenix, AZ for approximately $560,000.

California Real Estate Journal, January 11, 2010
Daily Deals
Landsmith acquires 27 home lots in Legends North, a new housing community in Turlock, CA.

Landsmith News, July 16, 2009
Landsmith acquired 104 sites that will expand on the 300 completed and occupied homes in University Park in Merced, CA for approximately $1.1 million.

Landsmith News, January 2009
Landsmith Appreciation Fund, LLC was launched to purchase residential lots in bulk from banks, builders, and developers and leverage other sources for deal flow.

Landsmith News, October 2008
Landsmith Opportunity Fund II, LLC was launched to replicate the success of the prior fund, Landsmith Opportunity Fund, LLC.

Landsmith News, June 2008
Landsmith Opportunity Fund, LLC was launched for the purpose of purchasing residential lots and properties suitable for the redevelopment and construction of new single-family homes in Palo Alto, California, and other nearby communities.